The Pharaoh Collection was designed for style, strength, and attitude while keeping comfort in mind with ergonomic lines. Though initially created with exterior intentions, the Pharaoh Collection elegantly compliments interior spaces with ease. The entire collection has matching angles not only for beauty and aesthetics, but also functionality. The sectional table makes a perfect arm rest as well as acting as a geometric link between multiple chairs. All pieces are hand pressed giving the concrete beautiful aged veins and then polished prior to sealing.

Pharaoh Collection
Pharaoh CollectionPharaoh CollectionPharaoh CollectionPharaoh Collection

Chair:  $975, weight-85#, 22”x17”x30”

Sectional Table: $325, 40#, 19”x14”x16”

Planter: $495, 50#, 16”x16”x30”

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1-2 week production time.

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